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compilation of all my prompts

bold are the ones I’m doing next. Christmas prompts have been deleted.

  1. “Manta Rays” by Ludo- Crowstiel (prompted by anonymous aka Cami and dunbaby)
  2. Crowstiel with Fallen Angel!Crowley? (prompted by anonymous)
  3. OKAY SO CROWLENE PLOT. Crowley’s next move as King of Hell is something that will make the two adversaries, like attacking Sherlock/London/Winchesters/a dealbreaker for Irene. Irene realizes this and confronts him, but doesn’t threaten him, understanding WHY he needs to do it, and offering him something else in exchange for not doing it. Whether he does it or not/it ends well or not/there’s emotional break-up sex or not is your choice. (IDK you dun halfta do it but it just hit me and it’s vague) (prompted by eddeha)
  4. Chuck/Gabe porn or fluff? (prompted by thearchangelicdetectivetimelord)
  5. Samifer and the song “God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen”? Specifically the line “to save us all from Satan’s power”. (prompted by anonymous)
  6. friendship!Denny. they talk about rock music
  7. Hellhound/Castiel non/dub con. Castiel does something that severely pisses Crowley off. As punishment, he binds the angel so he can not escape and puts a few or one of his hellhounds on him (whichever you prefer). At first, it is definitely against Castiel’s will, but they both find themselves surprised when Castiel starts to enjoy it. (will be 2 fics. 1 with 1 hellhound and one with five because between my want and Sam’s insistence I have to)(prompted by sorakachan)
  8. Someone calls Castiel Crowley’s “better half”
  9. Castiel is horrified at how humans treat Christmas  He tried to convert Sam and Dean to the original ways while they try explaining to him to modern ways. Eventually, they reach an impasse. (prompted by anon)
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